The DeathThreat
Analysis of the Latin American cholera epidemic of 1991-92. This study is part of the research program on Chronic Inflation as Systemic Failure: Latin America and the Polarization of the World Economy of the Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics (1992).
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Lições que vêm do Peru e da Venezuela
Exmplos podem servir de advertência e ajudar países vizinhos, entre eles o Brasil, a desenvolver suas éticas de sobrevivência. O Estado de São Paulo - 3 de maio de 1992
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Peru: The Master is Dead
Dissent, June, 1971. A 25,000-word essay on the Peruvian military regime and its revolutionary pretensions, based on seven months of travel in Peru during 1970, focusing mainly on agrariam reform. 
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Peru's Education Reform
American Universities Field Staff, December 1974  - March 1975
A Book-lenght study of Peru's Educational expansion of this century and its political and economic      implications. Spanish version published in book fotrm as
La Reforma Educativa Peruana, Lima: Mosca Azul Editores, 1976.

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Letter From Peru
Commentary, June 1964  
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Peru´s Misfired Guerrilla Campaing
The Reporter, January 26, 1967
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